Free Robot Forex
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Company profile

We are London based firm since 2003

Free Robot Forex is specially designed for the investor who usually doing forex trading, and make money via forex trading.

Sometimes in market some currency pair goes in rally and that after many big accounts re also finished. We made a system that works on some currency pairs and your account will not finish.

Our focus is providing forex investor with the most comprehensive and proactive software to trade forex.

With more than 80 million active users around the world, The "Free Robot Forex" family of forex software products is distributed globally through the Web and supports all major operating systems and platforms.

Employing some of the world’s leading experts in software development and risk analysis, free robot forex, cin is uniquely positioned to spearhead innovation in the industry. The company continues to invest in R&D to maintain its technological edge.

Free Robot Forex has experienced significant growth in the last few years, becoming the world’s largest vendor of robot forex software measured by installed user base. The company will continue to expand and address the needs of the global market through improved technology and broader language and platform support.

What does it mean to be "tough on forex, easy on you"?

Risk is an integral part of our forex trading. Every aspect , which brings considerable benefit – and, unfortunately, considerable risk. Our role is to shield you from that risk by providing powerful, easy-to-use protection that works efficiently and invisibly in the background so you can focus on forex trading.

Free Robot Forex provides real-time analysis. With our software on your system, you can safely trade forex .

In a enables people and businesses to trade forex with confidence and without aggravation by protecting them from disruption and loss.